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Blogging Masterclass (RECORDING)

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On Sunday, April 29th, I facilitated a masterclass where I literally shared ALL OF MY BLOGGING KNOWLEDGE with attendees.  

Many of you made mention that the date was inconvenient; as a result, you can now purchase the recording at a premium price!

You'll be able to stream online and watch me as I go through the slides and information that will be available to you prior to the 2:30 min class.

Topics for Discussion:
-Everything you need to start and sustain a blog
- How to Set Up a Blog ( sites for different platforms, domains, etc.)
- Fees Associated with Blogging
- Access to Instagram Unlocked 2nd Edition E-book (with Q& A)
- Different ways to make money with your blog
- Access to different platforms to apply for paid & sponsored campaigns
- Using Pinterest to Gain Traffic to Your Blog
- The Use of Media Kits ( + discount of Media Kit Purchase)
- Question + Answer